Creative Walls Concept


For Businesses, Hotels, Companies or your new Office Space – Frameworks Berlin offers
a unique Service:

Creative Walls Concept

We are happy to advise you on the design of your new Space:
From the first site visit, to the suitable choice of artwork for your company, to the
bespoke and unique framing, the hanging of the pieces, and the handling of the
entire project –  we offer a specialised expertise in all fields.

Please contact us through the Formula and start your consultation right away.


As we all try to navigate the current situation,

we wanted to inform you that we are still taking contracts and finishing frames. 

Please contact us per email  or per phone for consultation or to make an appointment!

Wir haben momentan keine regulären Öffnungszeiten und bitten dich mit uns telefonisch,

oder per Mail einen Termin zu vereinbaren, wenn du etwas rahmen lassen möchtest.

Laufende Aufträge werden weiterhin für dich bearbeitet und fertig gestellt. Bleibt gesund!